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The Enforcer is an electrical pulse device (EIG) which immobilises a target by firing two dart projectiles and which delivers a safe but effective combination of voltage and current at 19-22 pulses per second when it is fired into the body. The electrical energy is supplied through a pair of conductive, insulated wires.

The EIG offers not only the industry standard nitrogen driven 15, 21 and 25 dart cartridges, but also a multitude of pepper powder, pepper ball, rubber ball and paintball cartridges.

Ergonomically designed with a three-finger pistol grip for more control and comfort, and a 160 lumen LED light which can be operated with both hands and can be operated independently from the activation of the 650 nm targeting laser, the EIG sets new standards.

With a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Enforcer offers the user approx. 5,000 five second trigger pulses, which is better than 10 times the battery life in comparison with other devices on the market.

Wireless downloading of the data collected; time & date stamp, duration of deployment and ID number of the device, via a 924 MHz USB interface makes the initial set-up and evidence collection easy.

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