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Zistos telescopic camera system

The Zistos telescopic camera system is used by specialist operational forces for their own safety, including:

  • for exploration and infiltration into buildings and spaces
  • for covert reconnaissance in hazardous situations
  • and for the identification and observation of targets, even in the dark.

The telescopic video camera equipment from Zistos is a portable video observation system. Using telescopic rods with video cameras mounted on them, the equipment provides the user with glimpses into areas while they remain at a safe distance.

A variety of length of telescopic rods (0.3m – 12.00m) are available for this. The orientation (right/left, up/down) of the camera heads can be adjusted to a certain extent (depending on the telescopic rod used) during use using a mechanism in the bottom end of the rod.

Ask about a free trial period in order to get an impression of the diversity of the modular system.

The image captured by a camera is shown on a monitor which is carried along. If there isn’t sufficient lighting in the room to be explored, then camera heads with their own white light as well as a thermal imaging camera head with IR function which shows heat signatures and can be used in smoke or dust are available.

The modular design of the equipment allows for flexible adjustment of the device to be used to suit the environment on site, as well as quick replacement of modules in the event of damage.

All components are designed for the purpose and are robust and weatherproof or waterproof. A water-tight case and a weatherproof carrying bag for the telescopic rods are provided for storage and transportation of the equipment.

Ask for free testing to experience the compatibility and flexibility of the zistos system.



Zistos accessories

Colour camera head LLC 1.4

Zoom (40x optical) camera head WPC 2.5

Wide angle WPC 3.5 camera head

Infrared WPC 3.5 IR camera head

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