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01.3Ballistic protection
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Large ballistic protection sheet
Foldable or rollable for the smallest transport dimensions, can be carried in a special carry case or worn as a rucksack. The special feature here is an integrated chamber system which stabilises the sheet by means of a pressure cartridge so that it can be carried as a protective shield. Excellent trauma protection behind the inflatable bulge. Can be upgraded with a variety of ballistics packages. Can be combined with additional sheets.

  • Available in the BO 03-15 and NIJ IIIA BO 03-16 ballistic packages
  • Cut-resistant and impact-reducing
  • Usable as a rescue and hill bag
  • Lever-operated suction cups, metal hooks or magnetic holders allow for mounting on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Option of mounting signal lamps, headlamps, radios, medipacks and much more.

Available in three sizes.


Small ballistic protection sheet
The small ballistic protection sheet can also be upgraded with two overlapping VPAM 6 panels in just a few seconds.

Available in green and black.

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