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I-Nigma 2

The I-Nigma II is designed for day-to-day police use. The combination of highly flexible shirt materials with our soft SKI+ package offers unrivalled wearer comfort even over long periods. A functional shirt which evolved in cooperation with ODLO forms the basis for this protective vest range. The shirt lies close to the body and is highly flexible. 

In special policing situations, the shirt, which is in general worn as SK 1+, can be upgraded with VPAM 6 (950 g) or VPAM 9 (2300 g) ballistic plates in just a few seconds.

The support system ensures that the slide-in plates sit comfortably. The fit of the plates offers stable fixing on the body even with extreme movements without creating pressure as a result. The shirt can also be ordered without ballistics.

Protection level:

  • SK 1+ for the German police (incl. Makarov and Tokarev)
  • VPAM 6 plate
  • VPAM 9 plate




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