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SK 4 vest – Modular ballistic protective vest

The protective plates in the front, sides, back and groin protection areas can easily be removed. The vest has Molle strapping, to accommodate a variety of pockets and items of equipment, on the front and rear.

The protective vest has a weight support system (supporter) which entirely relieves the load on the spine. All components of the protective vest can be attached to the frame (supporter).

The battle belt with integrated harness is attached to the lower frame of the supporter using Velcro and is securely tethered using the socket lock.

The protective vest system consists of the
following individual components:

  • Vest shell with SK 1+ slide-in modules in the front and back
  • Shoulder and upper arm, SK 1+
  • Removable and foldable SK 1+ groin protection
  • Removable SK1+ battle belt
  • 2-part and Velcro fastening SK 1+ throat protection
  • VPAM 6 or VPAM 9 protective plates for front, back, side and groin protection
  • Weight support system (supporter)

Modular ballistic protective vest

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