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EKA – A Premium Product from BONOWI®

Thanks to our 30 years of experience, the Bonowi EKA is an absolutely exceptional product on the global market for batons. The dramatic rise in the number of assaults on police officers, incidents of resisting arrest and the generally increase in aggression in police interventions require resources which are appropriate to the situation.

The EKA baton seamlessly fills the gap that exists between simple physical assault and the use of firearms. Of course, we also offer you user-oriented and practical training.

To this end, we have designed disseminator training courses in which the reactions and possible uses in an emergency are trained and engrained.

The result of this is that, in real situations, more than 75% for all aggressive actions can be stopped simply through presentation of the EKA in combination with a clear statement – WITHOUT the EKA ever having to be used against a person.

The overall approach presented strikingly and in brief

  • More than 95% user acceptance nationally and internationally
  • 100% functioning under all realistic conditions
  • 10-year guarantee, with less than 1% guarantee claims over the entire period
  • Comprehensive range of holsters and accessories
  • Professional training from experienced trainers

Locking system

Practical use

The baton can be opened with a moderate swing from the wrist as well as by pulling on the tip. It is closed by pushing the sections together after pushing the release button on the back of the handle. The impact energy is absorbed by the rubber-cast handle and slide rings at the transitions between the individual sections.

The slide rings also allow for quiet opening and closing of the baton (no metallic grinding noises,no clattering) with no bounce-back effect. Available in four lengths.



EKA accessories

EKA defence adapter 

The defence adapter can be installed quickly and with no tools. The baton becomes a multifunctional resource as a result. In particular, the defensive features are significantly improved.

EKA aluminium head

We also optionally offer the head in aluminium. Particularly with the extended (20 mm) version, it becomes easier to pull out with tactical gloves. 

EKA grip safety ring. 2 variants

The grip safety ring prevents slippage with quick expanding of the baton. It is installed simply by clicking onto the end cap.

EKA tactical mirror attachment

With the help of the wide-angle mirror, you can inspect spaces to be entered in advance from cover. The mirror is attached to the tip of the EKA using a plastic clip.

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