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Arrestbag -restraint bag

For double protection when transporting dangerous offenders and keeping them in custody. The restraint bag is used on hands which are secured with handcuffs and prevents any manipulation.

Deportation belt

The BONOWI® deportation belt was designed on the principle of the cuff belt. It secures people and holds them in place for deportations or for medical examinations on offenders. The Velcro cuffs can be released in a controlled manner using retaining straps in order to allow individuals some room to move. An additional foot restraint with variable adjustment options can be added depending on the operating conditions and is included in the scope of delivery.

The deportation belt was developed for humane restraint during the course of deportations and fulfils the security requirements in this area. The restrained individual may not be unattended at any time in order to be able to intervene in the event of aggressive actions towards others or themselves.

Cuff belt

The cuff belt secures extreme offenders and holds them in place by means of a body belt to which the BONOWI® handcuffs are attached with thumb locking and double-locking. The handcuffs can be released using retaining straps. In the event of acts of resistance, the handcuffs can immediately be pulled back to the body of the individual being arrested and attached. Additional foot straps can be added depending on the operating conditions and are included in the scope of delivery. The cuff belt can also be equipped with our BONOWI® Trilock handcuffs upon request.

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