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01.2Handcuff systems
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Trilock handcuffs

  • Suitable for all wrist sizes
  • With triple-locking mechanism
  • Secured against unintentional tightening of the locking clip (finger catch)
  • The locks can be opened from both sides
  • Full stainless steel housing
  • Chain version available with 2-link and 4-link chain

Available as Chain or Hinge version.

Trilock Flex

The reusable Trilock Flex, which can be opened with the TRILOCK key, is an advancement from the disposable handcuff and offers many benefits:

  • Triple lock like the TRILOCK handcuffs
  • Can be opened with the key from both sides
  • Highly tear-resistant and abrasion resistant loop material
  • Plastic and metal lock for excellent durability
  • Textile strap can be disinfected as required or replaced in the event of wear
  • Can be looped once or twice
  • Space-saving

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