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3rd generation colour-coded helmet

The Bonowi colour-coded helmet offers protection for the user’s entire head. The plastic top with plenty of ventilation openings guarantees good ventilation. The helmet is equipped with the new Spectra 290° thermal lens system which, with its huge field of vision, always provides the user with a good overview of the scenario. Other features include the integrated soft ear protection and visor, and friend/foe marking is available.

Benefits of the BONOWI colour-code helmet at the glance:

  • 180° field of vision
  • Antifog visor
  • Light and fully flexible
  • Maximum wearing comfort
  • Great communication

We supply the helmet with an adapted throat protector, interior pads and an outer shell. This prevents colour penetration. The helmet has also been tested under fire from a submachine gun. For the goggles, there is a record of testing from the firearms test centre in Mellrichstadt.

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