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Stop-Stick Systems

Stopping fleeing vehicles often involves significant risks for the police officers involved, uninvolved third parties and the fleeing individual.The STOP STICK is quick and safe to use - it only takes approx. 8 seconds from stopping the police car to a completely set up roadblock.

When driven over, the points of the STOP STICK pierce the tyres and the Teflon-coated carbide tubes penetrate the tread. The air is let out unhindered. It takes twenty to thirty seconds on average for deflation.The vehicle retains directional stability and can be safely brought to a standstill.

Stop-Stick Deployment Set

Three STOP-STICKs and one replacement stick approx.

  • Including transportation bag, cord reel, 24 m of braided nylon cord with a pulling force of 54 kg.
  • Tear-resistant nylon cover, double sewn nylon design.

Length: 100 cm


For immobilization of vehicles – can also be thrown directly in front of a (moving) vehicle, depending on the situation. Rollover caps on both ends make sure that the Terminator will come to rest on the right side.

Length: 60 cm


For stopping moving vehicles – as a road barrier. The base made of high-strength ABS plastic can be re-fitted with spare elements after use.

Incl. 4 additional spare elements
Length: 100 cm

Stop-Stick training set

Stop-Stick System

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